Who we are

Ah, wedded bliss

Ah, wedded bliss

Hi, we’re Andy Potterf and Denae Potterf.  In case you don’t know us, we’re from Eugene, Oregon, USA, and as long as we’ve known each other we’ve shared a serious travel bug.  We got married back in September 2008, and two days later we were on a plane to India for our honeymoon.  We ended up being gone for seven wonderful months and saw a lot of India and Nepal, sharing some amazing experiences together.  We started this blog for our friends and family back home to follow along with what we were doing, and as a kind of journal for ourselves.

After the big India trip we realized that travel needed to continue to be a big part of our lives, and we’ve worked hard to make that happen.  We work various seasonal jobs to finance everything and live very frugally, both on the road and back in the States.  This blog always seems to be fairly far behind where we currently are, but we try to update as often as we can.

Questions or comments?  We love to get emails, so feel free to send them to Andy (andypotterf AT gmail.com) or Denae (denaepotterf AT gmail.com).


Andy & Denae


11 responses to “Who we are

  1. Andy & Denae-I miss you guys alot. I started first grade and I hope you are having fun. My grandma comes in 4 days. Will you be in Eugene for my birthday on November 29th?
    Love, Macey

  2. hi andy & denae

    i like it too much ,the discription u made is a good one .why u not mentioned chandigarh?

  3. Hi you guys!

    Your blog is great. I’m so glad you are having this experience. Andy, your writing is amazing; I am enjoying every word. Denae, your emails have been so descriptive as well. Maybe you could include them in a side column or something.

    I have been trying to figure out where you are (as I am a map nerd). I found Manali and Keylong on this http://maps.google.com/. Maybe you could hyperlink them to this or another map site?

    Wishing you well and happy.



  4. Macey,

    We miss you and everybody else a lot too! We hope you’re having lots of fun at school, do they still have ice cream socials like when I went to school there? We’re very sorry but we won’t be in the country for your birthday; be sure to have lots of fun. Love you, Denae and Andy

  5. Hey you guys,
    I miss you and the house feels so empty. I miss Denae making me food and Andy’s loud chip chewing. Hope all is well.
    Love, Makenna

  6. Chris & Kathy Neilson

    Dear Andy & Denae,

    Dan gave us your blog address and I wanted to try and get a note to you.
    Sorry we couldn’t be at your wedding, we were in Colorado.
    Your excursion through India and other parts unknown sounds like an idyllic way to start your married life.
    God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and grant you His peace.


  7. This is Great! Last week I didn’t even know what a blog was and now I am enjoying yours and writing in it! Your descriptions are wonderful and make it easy to visualize your experiences. Thank you for that! You are lucky to be out of the country during all this political crap. Pray Obama gets in!
    Lots of Love to You Two! Glenda

  8. Hey guys, sounds like you two are having a blast. I am jealous that I don’t get to travel around for a few months. It is really cool that you are making this blog and getting to share your experiences with everyone! Tiffany and I hope the rest of your journey is fantastic and that you stay safe. We look forward to meeting up with you when you get back, whenever that may be.


  9. Your pics have sparked my eyes. And really great couple. I am from Nepal and wish to see you again in my country and also to serve your anniversary.

  10. shashank goswami


    read th first lines of ur blog…just wondering that u guys travel almost all the time….how u manage that? i too have a travel bug but i hardly find time….

    • Hi Shashank,

      We’ve made traveling and exploring a priority in our lives, and by working good seasonal jobs that include housing we can swing it financially. We’re also very, very frugal, and spend almost no money on non-essential things when we’re not on a trip. Traveling a lot definitely does take a hit to our savings, but we find it completely worthwhile.


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