Delicious Peruvian Food: Part One

Mate de Coca, tea made with whole coca leaves supposedly good for altitude sickness.

Lomo Saltado. A very cheap dish sold everywhere of stir fried beef, onions, tomatoes, and french fries.

Meat on a stick topped with a potato and cooked over coals. This is anticucho alpaca.

Chicha de jora. A delicious slightly alcoholic fermented corn drink often times served in a dried gourd, also available to go in reused two liter bottles.

A specialty of Arequipa, rocoto rellenos are really yummy red peppers stuffed with ground beef and topped with cheese served with scalloped potatoes.

Cactus fruit, or tuna, is everywhere and delicious.

Potatoes are everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you think they should be in your food or not, they are there anyway. This dish, called a causa, was like a chicken salad sandwich, but instead of bread they used flattened mashed potatoes.

Papa rellenas are so good! Mashed potatoes formed around ground meat and a slice of hard boiled egg, then deep fried.

Herbal tonics are sold everywhere in the street, you can even get them with a glob of nopal cactus goo floating on top. This lady sold us a drink she said was good for the back, kidneys, stomach; basically if anything is wrong with you this would cure it.

Lentils cooked with alpaca meat served over rice and with a carrot potato vegetable mixture.

Fried trout caught in local rivers or lakes.

Chicha morada, a non-alcoholic drink made with purple corn, lots of sugar, and spices that Andy is in love with.

Queso helado is amazing. It’s an ice cream made with three different kinds of milk; fresh, unsweetened evaporated, and sweetened condensed.


One response to “Delicious Peruvian Food: Part One

  1. I’ll take the rellenos (either one), the trout, and the ice cream please. Oh yeah, and the chicha de jora. Yummmy. (Actually everything sounded good and its very interesting about the potatoes.)

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