Momostenango market

One Sunday while we were staying in Xela we caught a series of buses to see the market day in Momostenango, a small town about an hour away. Momos has a reputation in the area for quality wool goods and sticking to the traditional Mayan ways; it sounded interesting.

An altar is hidden underneath this woman’s market wares.

Momos seemed like a nice little town, with well-kept buildings and a pretty plaza. From a couple of the many food stalls we managed to eat the worst tamales of our lives, and probably the best tostadas, so the street food situation was a wash. We toured the market for a while, which was big and colorful, but the wool goods were just the typical stuff we’d seen all over Guatemala. I’m a wool fan and was hoping for a little more.

So many people!

The funniest thing we saw during the day was watching a woman throw an orange slice at the back of another woman’s head as she walked past. When the victim turned around, the other woman turned away and pretended nothing happened. They weren’t friends because the victim looked pissed and stormed off.

Another view of the market.

Momostenango was a fun day trip, and we’d like to return sometime and get to know it a little more.


2 responses to “Momostenango

  1. You have seen some great markets while in Guat, great pics, I smell the smells 🙂

  2. Part of the fun of crowded places is seeing — or hearing — little bits of dramas (like the orange throwing incident) and making up your own story to flesh out the incident. Love the lively colors.

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