One Tuesday afternoon after class we took a bus to Salcaja, a small town just outside of Xela. The only thing we knew about the town before going was that it was a place famous for Rompompo and Caldo de Frutas, two different kinds of locally made hooch. One creamy and very sweet, the other paint peeler with fruit chunks in it. A previous teacher of mine had also mentioned to me how Salcaja was THE place to by skirt material.


We arrived just in time to catch the tail end of the Tuesday market where there was an abundance of beautiful fabric. We got a licuado (your choice of blended fruit with either milk or water and, of course, sugar) from a very nice man and his wife who just wanted to chat for a while. He told us to invite all of our friends to Salcaja and what a good thing it was that we were there visiting the market. He tried out every English word he knew on us and Andy managed to teach him to say, “Our licuados are the best!” before leaving.


We bought a bottle each of Caldo de Frutas and Rompompo before catching the bus out of town, thus completing the mission of our booze run. It wasn’t until we talked to a friend working at the school later that we discovered we somehow managed to miss seeing the oldest church in Central America. Oh well, I guess the statue on the edge of town dedicated to immigrants leaving for the U.S. will just have to do.


One response to “Salcaja

  1. Gotta go back someday and go to church ;>) ….not sure whether the paint peeler or the non-alcoholic sweet drink sound worse (for me) — it’s a good thing you are trying both while you’re young!

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