Communal pila where the ladies wash their laundry.

Arriving in Antigua on a Sunday afternoon was a weird feeling. The streets were packed with so many tourists from Guatemala city that it was hard to move and the brightly painted house walls reflected the yellow sunlight to a really beautiful effect. It felt like we had stepped into onto a movie set, or into a Guatemalan Disney Land. I was really excited to be back because it meant that I got to see my mom who was coming to visit for a week and a half. We met her in a coffee shop off of the plaza and spent the next few hours catching up and drinking Guatemalan coffee, the reason she flew all the way down here in the first place.

Visiting with Mom.

The next few days passed in a blur of shopping, walking, coffee, and wine. Even Andy managed to buy a souvenir; a $25 silver wedding ring to replace the one he lost.

The arch.

In the main square.

Eventually we forced ourselves to wake up early and take a tour to Pacaya volcano. For all three of us it was an easy hike up and we had a lot of fun watching the independent horse guides following the older more out of shape Americans calling out, “Taxi”. One particularly entertaining woman yelled at a young guy that no she didn’t want to ride a horse and then turn to her husband and yell at him that she couldn’t possible walk any further so he had better figure something out. Ten minutes later she passed us on horse back being led by the young guy holding the reins. All in all it was kind of a cheesy tour and, although people used to see lava on this hike, since it erupted in 2010 there isn’t anymore left to see.

Pretty colors.

We did get to climb into a steam hole, maybe not the safest thing ever, and warm up marshmallows over a lukewarm steam vent. Overall it was a fun, if touristy, trip and we enjoyed seeing the country side around Antigua.

These dogs follow tourists up and down Volcan Pacaya waiting for fallen snacks.

In the volcanic steam vent.


One response to “Antigua

  1. Great pictures — love the three of you and your “followers”. You look warm in that vent, nothin’ like being buried alive. And only a native Oregonian would go to Guatamala for the coffee (LOL)!

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