Mohonk Year Two

As Andy mentioned in the previous post we are back at Mohonk Mountain house for the summer and fall seasons this year working in the dining room and living in the on-site dorms.  The resort is on the Shawangunk mountain range with amazing views of the Catskill range just northwest of us and we like to spend some of our free time hiking around the nearby area.

This is Mohonk Lake. Skytop tower is the structure on the ridge and the Mountain House is on the left side of the photo.

Zoomed in on the resort, you can also see the swimming dock.

This is the swimming beach which just closed for the fall season.

A horse drawn carriage coming through the Granary where the guests have lobster bakes and barbeque lunches in the summer.

The tennis courts

A view from one of the large porches.

Free boat and kayak rentals.

We live on the bottom floor of this dorm building.

The horse corral across the road from our dorm.

The barn museum which has things accumulated from the 142 years this resort has been open.

More old stuff in the barn.


2 responses to “Mohonk Year Two

  1. I loved this post Denae — don’t remember really seeing much of the resort from before when you were there — I remember posts about the library and some of the places where you went on your time off. This was nice. It’s a beautiful spot.

  2. So happy you two are in such a Beautiful place!

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