Santa Marta

Our arrival into Santa Marta was the first time that either Andy or myself had ever set eyes on the Carribean Sea.  The weather was really windy and a little stormy so it wasn’t the typical blue-green color that we’ve seen since, but nothing could have dampened our excitement to be on a tropical coast.

Just about everyone we talked to either didn’t bother at all to stop in Santa Marta or really didn’t like it if they did.  We decided to give it a chance anyway.  The weather was unbearably hot in the heart of the city so we spent a lot of time on the waterfront boardwalk which had a consistantly strong winds blowing throughout the day.  We visited the small free museum that had a replica of the Ciudad Perdida to get us excited for our upcoming trek, and I´ll admit it, to enjoy the air conditioning.  We also spent a day on the beaches of Rodadero which seemed a little dirty but still pretty.  The highlight of our stay was walking along the water at night watching families and couples strolling back and forth under the stars.

Santa Marta

Sometimes when Andy and I are traveling along the ‘Hostal Trail’ we start to crave cities that don’t rely solely on tourism and Santa Marta is definitely just that.  We got to eat a lot of street food and walked a little bit around the market.  It was more so the hotel we were in than the town itself that finally got us moving out of the city.  Our hotel was really cheap craphole and we got used to holding our breath when we left it to walk down a six block stretch of road where the sewer was flooded.  But when I woke up one morning and saw that some weird-looking mold had grown on the soap dish overnight it made sense to leave before  an alien spore started inhabiting my body.


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