Kentucky Falls in the Coast Range

Well, here we are, back in Eugene, Oregon. A city where Andy and I haven’t spent much time in the past couple of years but always love coming back to. Both of us were born in the area and we are lucky enough to still have most of our family living locally and seemingly okay with us crashing in their spare bedrooms, so when it came time to decide where would be the best place for Andy to recover from his back injury it didn’t take us too long to settle on coming home.

McKenzie River trail

We spent another month in Utah letting Andy’s compressed vertebrae harden into its new shape, all the while me being

My sister Makenna and I taking a climbing class

the supporting wife helping him with all the daily chores in life and him being the supportive husband telling me to still get out snowboarding every day and trying to hide his disappointment at staying in bed on the freshly powdered blue bird days. The day we drove out of Alta there was a foot of new snow and we were sad to be leaving, but the thought of all the great backpacking, rafting, and kayaking we were hoping to do this summer made us excited to be heading back to Oregon. Andy was even feeling so much better that he insisted on driving most of the way home.

A long boarding nature tour

Andy and Adam in Cougar Hot Springs

Andy’s back is now fully healed and he’s able to do any activity he wants without worrying about it, although his flexibility and strength still need a while to get back to normal. We have been keeping busy rock climbing and hard shell kayaking (both of which I am just learning how to do) as well as long boarding, backpacking, bike riding, and rafting. Summer in the Pacific Northwest brings near-perfect weather, and we’re going to take advantage of it as fully as we can.

Oregon Country Fair


One response to “Eugene

  1. What an unexpected joy to see a new post pop up . (I put your blog on my Google Reader a while ago.)

    Love the pix, but they r making me homesick….as well as the comment about near-perfect weather (hot hot here)

    I read the article in the RG on line about the longboarding — meant to write y’all.

    Hugs. Grandma r

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