This winter we’re living up at the end of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Alta, Utah.  We live and work in the Rustler Lodge, an upscale ski hotel where we can ski out the back door and take a lift to return home.  It’s a fun place to be, with some of the best skiing anywhere and incredible amounts of terrain available.  We like it up here in the mountains.

Our home for the season

The pool. We can also use the nice steam room, gym, and hot tub.

Our little room.  Small but comfortable.

The view out our bedroom window. We can just see Collins lift.

That's the rustler on the right side in the distance.

Sunnyside area

Snowbird Tram


4 responses to “Alta

  1. Very nice pics!!! Makes me want to hit the slopes.

  2. Lovely home you have there! And the snow is GREAT (looking)!

  3. Thanks for posting all of the pictures. It is more beautiful than I could have imagined. I can see why you love it.

  4. kelsey and bradley just left back to south carolina-came for a quick visit and we went to hoodoo twice, no comparison to where you are but I had fun on the ski bike, kelsey and dad on ski’s, and bradley on board, we all have the wind burn to prove the bright days up there in the goggle shape to the face. sun and snow is a good combination no matter where we are – love ya

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