Country Livin’

It’s hard to believe that where we are living is only two hours from the largest city in the States; it feels so rural. Andy and I enjoy spending time taking drives through the countryside surrounding the Mountain House. We drive along winding roads past red barns, fields of corn and baled hay, stone silos, orchards, vineyards, and rolling hills covered in hardwood trees. In the evening we have to drive extra slow to avoid hitting all the suicidal deer.

Stoneridge Library

Stoneridge Library

Often times we brave the traffic jams in New Paltz to see movies at the theater or to eat ethnic food. Sometimes we stop in Rosendale or High Falls to walk around the quaint local shops, but our favorite thing to do on a lazy afternoon is to go into the Stoneridge Library. The huge stone building is the perfect place to read magazines and check out books for later. They even have a rack of two dollar books for sale. Whenever we’re feeling a little more cosmopolitan we head into Poughkeepsie to the Galleria for a little shopping, movie watching, and Taco Bell.


3 responses to “Country Livin’

  1. That is a charming library. What are the chances that I could be related to two other people who would also get excited about finding the perfect library on their travels!

  2. Do they have good coffee back there? How about Microw brews? The library sounds cool, Andy you are definitely related to Grandma Rainville! Denae you have a natural affinty to books as well. You were a voracious reader and loved sitting on the couch with your sisters as I read books everynight before bedtime.

  3. library nerds unite!

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