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We had decided to make Tiruchirappalli (thankfully also known as Trichy) a stopover on our long journey south to the tip of the subcontinent and ended up spending one very enjoyable night. We

Hindu temple

Hindu temple

got into the bus stand in the late evening and were lucky enough to find a hotel with a 24 hour check out policy since the next bus we would take was leaving late the following evening. Downstairs at the vegetarian restaurant we noticed that the locals were eating differently than their fellow countrymen up north. The meals were largely rice based and people would just full on dig in with their hands mashing up the dal and curry with handfuls of rice and then eating off their finger tips. It looked like fun so we did the same. After the meal everyone was ordering coffees instead of chai and when it was served in a small metal cup standing in a deep saucer they would pour the coffee back and forth between the two to cool the liquid. That was also fun to do, eating is just more fun when you can play with your food.

View of Trichy from Rock Fort.

View of Trichy from Rock Fort.

The next morning we hopped on the amazingly convenient bus to Rock Fort, the 272 ft high rock with a Hindu temple at the top of a 344 step climb. Even cooler than the temple was the amazing view over the city. We could see other temple tops poking out of the trees off in the distance and decided to check it out before we left town. Those temple tops turned out to be the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple complex and they were different from any other we had seen. Very tall with small intricate statues and brightly colored, it took a while to absorb what we were seeing. After walking around for a little bit we had just enough time to grab an Indian coffee before boarding our night bus.


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