We’re not in Mumbai

Hi everybody, just a short note to reassure any of you that might be worried.  Our hearts go out for the folks in Mumbai, but we’re thankful that we’re currently far away from there.  Denae and I spent our Thanksgiving in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.  We took a jeep safari into the park and managed to see one of the endangered one horned rhinos and some other jungle critters, and then splurged on a wonderful $13 candlelit Thanksgiving dinner.  We’re going on an elephant-top safari this afternoon.  We’ll get some more blog updates up soon, Andy and Denae


4 responses to “We’re not in Mumbai

  1. Denae and Andy,
    So many people have asked about you, if you were anywhere near the tragic events in Mumbai. Many prayers have been sent out for your safety and well being and for those who were affected by these vicious, senseless attacks.

    We toasted you both at our Thanksgiving celebration, you were missed, especially for the talent show portion of the festivities!
    It sounds like you had a very memorable Thanksgiving in Nepal.
    Take care of each other,
    Sending Love and a protective bubble,

  2. That is definitely a Thanksgiving to remember. Let us know how the elephant-top safari went, that sounds fun. Glad you guys are safe!

  3. Shirley Aubertine

    Hi Denae & Andy, Our prayers are with you. We are glad that you had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving together. We missed you and think of you often. Let us know where you are and what your plans are soon. We miss you. Love, GMA & Horace

  4. A long elephant-top safari: Wow, Ryan is going to be red with jealous. Have a great jaunt.
    Take Care

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