Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us…

Hey friends and family,

Right now we’re in Pokhara, Nepal. In the morning we’re going to catch a bus to the starting point of a 20-25 day (16 to 20 days for those more pressed for time, and probably in better shape) trek, or backpacking trip for you non-Euro folks. We’ll be walking in the middle of the Himalaya range on the Annapurna Circuit trek, and should see some beautiful sights and take a few thousand pictures. We’re still backed up on putting up our blog posts, and when we get back we’ll try to catch up on Indian trains, the ancient and beautiful city of Varanasi, and then into Nepal. Eventually we’ll even fill you in on our trek. This will be it for a few weeks though, because there isn’t much internet access out there in the boonies. Wish us luck, and we hope all of you are doing great as well.


Andy and Denae

PS.  When we come back we expect Mr. Obama to be president.  Don’t let us down!


4 responses to “Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us…

  1. Safe travels to you both.

  2. Wish you a happy joureny &

  3. We’re late catching up — so too late to wish you safe travels, but you will know when you get back that we were thinking of you!

    We’re so glad that your PS came true and Obama is our next President! It was such an exciting election night.

  4. thanks for heads up on being out of touch – looking forward to hearing all when you can catch up with some more of the adventure. – love you both! Cyndi

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